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Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens

Despite only being a football fanatic for the past three years, I chose the Baltimore Ravens as my team ten years ago. I chose them for two reasons: 1. Black and purple are awesome colors and 2. I knew of one of the players. I had watched Ray Lewis’ murder trial and I had felt the entire time that he was innocent. My feelings proved to be spot on when the charges were dropped once he decided to testify against his friends. Ray Lewis’ career has been Hall of Fame worthy. He is considered one of the best linebackers in the league. Earlier this year (right before the playoffs) Ray announced his retirement. After 17 years in the NFL, 17 years with the Baltimore Ravens, Ray is finally ready to move on.

Imagine everyone’s surprise when the Ravens breeze through the playoffs and make it to the Super Bowl. It started with the Indianapolis Colts. No one had a difficult time believing we could win that game. They did believe, however, that we would fail against our next opponents, the Denver Broncos (led by Peyton Manning). We didn’t fail. And we didn’t fail against the New England Patriots despite very little support from the football world. Now experts across the spectrum believe the San Francisco 49s will defeat us at the Super Bowl.

Maybe under normal circumstances I’d say they have a shot. I love my team but I know they can lose focus at times or psych themselves out. This year they have extra motivation. They have something no other team has or will ever have. They have a retiring Ray Lewis. The time is almost here to either put up or shut up. Honestly, whether my boys win or not, just making it to the Super Bowl and proving everyone wrong hasĀ  been an awesome experience. Witnessing Ray Lewis’ last fairy tale ride has been an awesome experience and I have never been more proud to call myself a Raven’s fan. May the best team win at the Super Bowl. I’ll be glued to my t.v the entire time, rooting for one of the greatest players to ever grace a NFL field to obtain a second ring before moving on with his life.

Farewell, Ray. Your legacy will be remembered.


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