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When I decided to create a blog I checked out Tumbler first. I didn’t like it. I then came to WordPress. I liked the dashboard and the options of WordPress. I created the blog and left it before checking out Blogspot/Blogger. For creative freedom, Blogger is the place to go. You can design a template from scratch or use code from a predesigned one and paste into a box to override what is already there. These options for creative freedom almost kept me there. Anyone who knows me, knows I will create things just to design them. I’m a design freak.

That being said, Blogger is run by Google and I don’t like the dashboard. I hate it, actually. So I gave up some creative freedom and shut down my blog on Blogger and came back to WordPress. I have just spent the last two hours trying to create a design I like with the limited options available on WordPress (I can get all the options I want if I upgrade for $30 a year but I’ll wait on that). I’m not there yet but what’s here now will suffice until I have more time to obsess over it. For now, homework calls.

UPDATE: I finished my homework early and got the chance to work on the design some more. I believe I’ve finally got it the way I want it. For now anyway 😉

Everyone seems to have a blog these days so I thought why not me? Why not now? I have a little spare time and I love writing. This blog will really just be whatever I decide to throw up here. I do have some things in mind such as organic product reviews, awesome new bands I’m digging, and a soon to come Bucket List category.

A little about me. I’m 30 and in college. I love college and I don’t see myself ever being done with it. I’ll get my degrees of course but I’ll always go back. There’s way too much I want to learn. I have recently become an avid fan of organic health and beauty products. I’m on a mission to sample the market on somewhat of a budget. I think that’s the main thing that drives people away from shopping for more body conscious and earth friendly products: the price. I’ll do the research and post the results here. That’s mainly why I am starting this blog.

Stick with me and learn about cool stuff. Modern Hippie Girl aims to provide education, good music, beautiful art, and perhaps a hot guy or two thrown in for fun ;).


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